It's Been 10 years Since the Kim Kardashian Sex Tape. What Have We Learned?

10 years ago, an LA stylist and socialite was living her life. Going to her client's home to clean their closets, going to LA club with her other socialite BFFs, and helping her father's business, who was also one of L.A's top lawyers. Her father would soon pass away, unfortunately, and with the help of her sisters and her mother opened up two stores. Then one day, a sex tape leaked of her and her then-boyfriend and the world stopped and paid attention to every move made by this L.A stylist. 

It's crazy to think that 10 years ago, Kim Kardashian was just someone you knew in the L.A fashion world. That quickly became a different story; the second oldest Kardashian was on every blog, magazine cover, newspaper headline, news segment, you name it she was on it. In most cases, people who are involved in the hottest sex scandal of the year seem to fade out within a year or two after the scandal, but what made Kim Kardashian different was she turned a negative into a positive...or should I say a profit. In the same fashion as Paris Hilton, Kardashian turned her sex tape into a profitable career as a reality star and a pop culture fixture. Only Kim took her stardom to a greater scale; while Paris stepped away from the spotlight towards the end of the 2000's, Kim's only got bigger.

Not long after the sex tape, Kim's family owned stores, Dash and Smooches, expanded. Kim and her family got their own E! reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which made her family not only as famous as her, but they've also launched their own businesses and spin-offs from the show. But it doesn't stop there; anyone even remotely associated with Kim or any Kardashian family member has seen an increase in their popularity and business. Like anything or anyone in the public eye, there's always some backlash. 

Although Kim is highly praised for her career, many have used her and her family as the poster children for celebrities who are famous for "no reason". It angers people yet gets people to question what exactly made them famous, even to the point where Barbara Walters asked them what makes them so special during an interview for Barbara Walter's 10 Most Interesting People. Kim and her family have also been seen as bad influences, people who are leading a generation of women down the wrong path, and many black scholars and journalists have called out Kim and her family for their exploitation of black men and black culture. Of course, due to Kim's sex tape and the family's love life and sexual image, the discussion of slut shaming, body shaming, and the sexual hierarchy and double standards between white women and women of color.

Today, Kim is happily married to Kanye West. They have two kids. She still has her family fashion line. Her family's reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, is still on the air, and they all still capture the world through their appearances and social media following. What have we learned since the explosion of Kim Kardashian and her family? A few things actually; we've learned that obvious the rich and privilege still run the world and gain attention, but we also learned that we are now in an age where fame is at the click of a button. The days of waiting in line for auditions and searching for roles and opportunities are virtually over. If you have the smarts and the marketing, your 30-second video can into 15 minutes of fame, your 15 minutes of fame can turn into a fulfilling career. After her, many have patterned their careers after her, as many are now getting roles and boosting careers off their social following (whether it's a good or bad thing). Kim Kardashian turned what some would call a damage to their personal life, into a positive, fulfilling opportunity and career. Everything from magazine covers to endorsements to honorable titles, she's gotten. Kim is every Instagram model's dream. What will happen in the next 10 years? We're not sure but in order to find out, we'll just have to keep up with her.