12 Things Men Can Do This Women's History Month

It's women's history month! Yes, a whole month dedicated to the strength and achievements of women. From the mothers and sisters to the women in the office and running the world, this month women deserve our undivided attention more than ever. Unfortunately, even in 2017, women are facing challenges, discrimination, and attacks. That all can change if we took steps to help decrease the chances of women experiencing these things. Why not use our male privilege for a good cause?

With that said, here are 12 things men can do this month. 

1. Stop catcalling

Seriously who wants to hear that when you're walking to home or work?

2. Don't expect more just because you did something for a woman

If you were truly a nice guy, you wouldn't expect anything in return. 

3. Stop using being a "Nice Guy" as an excuse to get what you want

You can be nice all you want, but what have you done for her lately?

4. Don't judge a woman for her cosmetic options

Whether it's makeup or plastic surgery, did you pay for it? No? Oh ok, be quiet.

5. Stop telling women to smile

Sometimes people don't want to smile.

6. Stop telling women how their bodies should look

Because again are you paying for it?

7. Don't instruct women on how to act on social media

Are you the parent?

8. Stop slut shaming women

Because 10 times out of 10, you or one of your homeboys slept with the same "hoes" you constantly disrespect. 

9. Listen to victims of sexual assault

Instead of saying "she was asking for it" or justifying it.

10. Don't be quit to brush off issues of women's right or protest organized for women

Because it's not just because women are crazy.

11. Don't put one race of women on a higher pedestal than others

Because dating or even liking someone solely because of their race isn't a preference, it's racism. 

12. Treat women like humans

Because she's somebody


Now hopefully these things can continue on the rest of the year.