Melania Trump: The Living Example of Privilege

The 2016 Republican National Convention; it’s the opening night and Melania Trump is the main speaker. She took to the stage, wearing an outfit similar to Caitlyn Jenner’s ESPY Awards outfit, which already caused commentary on social media. Then the further she went into her speech; the more some people realized something was familiar. Of course, we found the answer on social media. Melania Trump ripped off Michelle Obama’s speech from the 2008 Democratic National Convention. No, really, Melania literally ripped off entire sections of Michelle’s speech. Now you would think she would be disciplined and shunned right?

Well, besides the infamous dragging taking place on #BlackTwitter, no Melania hasn’t received any major repercussions. A white woman not receiving any repercussions for something she did wrong? I know it’s a shocker for most, but that’s the reality of the world we live in; white women and white people, in general, can do whatever they want and get away with it.

Soon after the incident, it flooded news stations and social media. As always the memes and jokes came up, but the news stations and people on social media had a different response. They acted as if they have never heard of the term “plagiarism” before. I remember one news station even asking, “aren’t we being a little harsh on her?”. Excuse me? A little harsh? Let me tell you what’s a little harsh.

A little harsh is large numbers of people of color being killed by the police. A little harsh is underfunding schools and reporting on how surprising it is to see kids act unruly or kids performing less than average in school. A little harsh calling our Harvard educated President a “monkey”, and other racial slurs, and no one gets checked for it.

Get the picture?

Melania Trump showed us how much privilege people can get away with. If this has been any politician of color they would be torn apart by the media and would have their job and character questioned. But as Melania is a rich, non-woman of color, she is immune to it all. It’s not entirely her fault, it just the way the world is set up. Privilege people have always had the opportunity to steal from other cultures and pass it off as their own, and look down at the people they stole from. Plus, there will always be someone there to make excuses for them. Melania Trump’s camp was recently under attack for the speech but later confirm that no one will be fired for the plagiarism of the speech. I, automatically, gave the news the side eye because there are students under academic probation or even kicked out of school for plagiarism, so what’s the difference between her and the students? I also gave the news media the side eye this week because of their use of the term “similar”. Everyone keeps saying Melania’s speech was “similar” to Michelle Obama’s. No, it was blatant copy and paste, here is a portion below:

From CNN

From CNN

Honestly, as a journalist, I must say this is pure laziness. Did anyone or Melania herself fact check this before even attending the event?

Between Kim Kardashian exposing Taylor Swift and Melania Trump, I must say, I want to thank them for proving how much privilege women are still running the world and how we still live in a world where we can never place the blame on white womanhood.