Society Picks and Chooses What They Want to Protest.

Ever see yourself strolling on your timeline on Facebook, clicking on a broadcast news page (CNN, ABC, Fox) and you may see an article about either Black Lives Matter protesters, Teachers protesting, and Women protesting. Not only did you click to see what’s going on, but you just happened to be looking at the comments. You may see comments like, “This is stupid, why are they protesting?” “Do these people have a job?” “This is nothing but Obama’s work” “They are all unemployed people living off the government”. Ever just sit back and wonder… “But these people are protesting to get awareness about the social injustice in America! Why would you assume that something is stupid? Or even that someone is unemployed because they took time from their personal schedules to protest about an issue that affects not one race, but other races too?”  Trust me I question the same damn thing.

The majority of those comments come from white people (well the ones I have witnessed on ABC7 Chicago).  Now remember, when people are protesting against issues such as police brutality, the shootings of unarmed people, corruption of the city, and even crime within the urban areas of South Side Chicago, people assume that just because they don’t personally care about this specific issue, and it doesn’t personally affect them in any way, that it’s a waste of time and we shouldn’t protest. Anything related to black people or women gets ignored, but it’s one thing that many white people feel is worth protesting….Gender Neutral Bathrooms at Target.

Just recently Target has announced that their bathrooms will be gender neutral. On April 19, on Target’s corporate site on a bull’s eye View, they took a stand into demonstrating their commitment to believe that everyone deserves to be protected from discrimination and treated equally. Awwww that is so sweet! Target wants every human being to be treated like a person.

People are furious that Target would allow Transgender men and women into bathrooms that fit their identity. Many have argued that this will allow predators to dress up as women, and harm other women and children. People feel that the trans community shouldn’t be allowed to use a bathroom because it makes others feel uncomfortable. A conservative Christian activist group has gained more than 700,000 signatures from people who pledge to boycott Target over the transgender bathroom policy. That’s so crazy, why didn’t anyone petition about their priest or pastor being pedophiles? Like why are you guys still eating subway cold cuts? Why are you still watching the Cosby Show? Why are you still attending a church where there registered sex offenders? Why?

Stop using your kids to cover up your transphobia. People want to boycott Target for treating others with dignity and respect, but no one has protested about George Zimmerman auctioning off a gun that he killed a young 17-year-old black boy? Oh let me guess, it’s “history”. It’s a gun that helped America get rid of another black boy? All Lives Matter but let’s assume that someone who is Trans doesn’t want to feel safe at all in a bathroom that identifies with their identity, they just want to rape young children, but predators have been raping women and kids in bathrooms for years and no one seemed to want to boycott stores at that time. How many women have come forward to talk about their sexual assault and people immediately bashed her and accused her of lying, but now men want to “patrol” women’s bathrooms?

Continue to hide your transphobia and racism. You aren’t doing so well at it.