13 Signs That Show a Person Isn't "Woke"

Before we enter 2017, there is something we must discuss. As blackness, Black Lives Matter, and the concept of being “pro-black” has become increasing popular topics, the concept of being “woke” has found it’s way into many conversations and social media post from the black community. Many are posting about whether they are woke, whether their friends are woke, who is and is not woke, what does being woke mean, etc. This has caused many debates, resulting in calling out those who may be indirectly misogynistic and homophobic. Everyone wants to be the standard of being "woke", while still not having a set rule or guideline to it. From research and my own personal experience, I can at least give a guide into what a REAL conscious person should say and do accordingly. Believe me, I've had my fair share of faux deeps, hoteps, and Umar Johnson followers, so I'm going to give you 13 signs that will tell you a person is not really "woke". 

1. If your feminism is not intersectional

If your feminism doesn't include all races, you're just asking for privilege.

2. If your black feminism is selective

Alicia Keys received praised for wearing no make-up, while many shamed Viola Davis for doing the same.

Alicia Keys received praised for wearing no make-up, while many shamed Viola Davis for doing the same.

Just like you can't pick and choose your family, you can't pick and chose when you want to be "woke". Either you are or you are not. 

3. If you don't include women in your movement

How can you be about "justice" if you exclude other people? This one is for all of you who were loud during Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown and Alton Sterling yet quiet during Rekia Boyd, Sandra Bland, and Korryn Gaines. 

4. If you believe someone isn't equal because they are apart of the LGBT community

Gay, straight, bisexual, asexual, pansexual, transgender, at the end of the day, if a person is black you should care for them.

5. If you're a QPOC who confronts the black community but never confronts the issues in the LGBT community

Now don't think I'm going to let one slide and not the other. This one is for all of you have so much to say about Black Lives Matter, but never said anything when owners of LGBT nightclubs and pride parade attendees have been put on blast for using racial slurs. 

6. If you judge other people of color for their interest

The same way you don't want people to judge you for listening to hip-hop and wearing natural hair, don't judge black people or any person of color for taking interest in something that's not particularly "cool" in your community. 

7. If you judge women for how they wear their hair

Whether it's a twist out or its a Malaysian sew-in, a black woman's value shouldn't be determined by her hair. Don't think because you use a few Shea Moisture products that you are Angela Davis.

8. If you preach "black unity" but judge whether or not a person is woke

Exactly what determines whether you're woke or not? If we're going to be honest, there's always going to be somebody more "woke" than you. Again, you thought because you bought an Angela Davis shirt, used some Shea Moisture Curl Shampoo and downloaded the Lemonade album that makes you "woke" and a "queen" right?

9. If your views are only one sided

The more we listen, the more we know.

10. If you discredit other people's efforts

Because let's be honest, when was the last time you volunteered in your community? When was the last time you've tried to help the black community? I'll wait my line is always open.

11. If you shun people for calling out hypocrisy/a difference in opinion

I've experienced this firsthand when two Facebook groups blocked me because I called out some contradictions in statements two "beloved" black celebrities have made. If that's all it takes for you to block someone, you are not "woke", you're just another fascist hotep.

12. If you don't hold other accountable for their actions

Whether it's Nate Parker, Bill Cosby, Ray Rice, Chris Brown, male, female, if anyone acts out of order, they should expect criticism. 

13. If you quote or learn from this guy