”This is America”: Childish Gambino’s Encompasses the Black Experience

Gambino dancing with students. (Source: YouTube) 

Gambino dancing with students. (Source: YouTube) 

Fresh off his amazing duel role as host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live, Donald Glover, who also goes under the name Childish Gambino, released a new video for his latest single “This is America”.

The song, which has an influx of African and Black American influence, has a video to match it. In the beginning of the video, a man sits down playing his guitar and in the next scene, the man is violently taken down by Childish Gambino. The video mirrors the tragedies black Americans face in everyday including drive by shootings, police brutality, and the crime within our own communities. The video also speaks how much religions plays into the roles of Black Americans and how much it is holding us back; seeing as how in one scene, a choir is shot to death by Childish Gambino, a clear reference to the discussion many Black Americans have about many elders believe all you have to do is ”pray it away”, and the shooting that happened in Charleston, South Carolina killing 9 African American church members.

During all the chaos, Childish Gambino is dancing with dancers dressed as school students. First, performing contemporary popular African dance moves, then later performing current hip-hop dance routines and trends. The dance performances were shown as a correlations between African and Black Americans social and art culture, as well as a representation of how much enjoy we can have as a people while so much destruction is going on in our community.

The video has become a social media fixture and has already gained over 10 million views. You can stream the song on Apple Music or Spotify and you can check out the music video below!