Sir the Baptist Turned a Party into a Praise and Worship Session

Through a special connection, I was able to attend Sir the Baptist and Donald Lawrence’s event, Church in the Wild. The event was held in celebration of  Sir the Baptist’s debut album, Saint or Sinner. Held at the trendy Reggie’s Rock Club in Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood, limited guest got a chance to not only watch a special performance by Sir the Baptist, but they also got a chance to party with the rapper’s family and friends, and get some camera time since the event was filmed for Tidal.

After members of the rapper’s team introduced themselves, the show got started.

With a 20 piece orchestra and 40 member trap choir, Sir stunned the crowded with his dynamic musicianship and his ability to connect with the crowd. With several costume changes, the crowd was stunned with Sir dancing with his fans and having dancers on the floor. The crowd got more hyped when members of the choir took turns performing solos, members of the band performed on the floor, and when Sir performed in multi areas of the venue.

While everyone was able to turn up and enjoy the performance, parts of the show were used to talk about deeper subjects. Sexism, misogyny, religion, and the music industry are a few topics Sir talk about as well as his ability to overcome personal struggles, which he mentioned in an emotional ending to his show.

Donald Lawrence made a special appearance a few times during the show, as well as Sir’s family members, in which he made a special shout out to his mother, let his brother sing for a bit, giving a shout out to his daughter, and letting his son shine for a moment on stage.

You can watch his live performance on Tidal, which will be coming to the website soon.

Sir the Baptist’s debut album, Saint or Sinner, is available for download and streaming now.