Bryson Tiller: From Trapsoul to Attitude and Flow

Almost two years ago, Bryson Tiller caused a wave in the music industry and with music listeners. With the release of his first album, T R A P S O U L, the quiet Kentucky R&B singer got everyone in their feelings with his personal lyrics about life and relationships and beats that were a blend of trap and R&B. Tiller was seen as the singer who talks about aspects of life most millennials shy away from. Due to his critically acclaimed album and success, he's won Best New Artist and Best Male R&B/Pop Artist at the 2016 BET Awards. 

Since then, Tiller has dropped a few singles and announced he was releasing a new album. Fans were excited to see the June 23rd release date on iTunes, but fans were even more excited when he released his album a month early, during Memorial Day weekend (smart move Bryson, we needed something to turn up to for an already lit weekend). 

After I sobered from this Memorial Day weekend, I listened to Tiller's new album and noticed an overt change in his music. In T R A P S O U L, Tiller showed his ability to bare his emotions and even admit his faults which, like I mentioned earlier, is something not often find in millennials or people in general today. With his new album, True To Self, Tiller doesn't hold back on his feelings, no matter how bold it is. While he still has his signature heartfelt hits like "No Longer Friends", "Don't Get Too High", and "We Both Know", Tiller starts feeling himself in songs such as "Blowing Smoke", "Self Made", "High Stakes", and "Money Problems/Benz Truck". Bryson puts the icing on the cake when gives us so much attitude with "Before You Judge" (where he calls out his former manager), and "Somethin Tells Me" which Tiller not only released a music video for but may be the official break up song of 2017. 

The growth in Bryson Tiller and his music is starting to show and fans of his music are excited to see more. This sophomore album is a testament to his depth as an artist and lyricist. True To Self is available now and I highly suggest everyone buy or stream the album. You can check out the video for “Somethin Tells Me” now below.