King Flare: The Underground Poet Climbing to the Top

As the Chicago music scene grows and flourish, other aspects of art in Chicago begin to grow as well. Chicago has always been a hot spot for poetry, but a new breed of windy city poets are emerging and taking poetry to the next level. 

Ricky Ruff is one of them.

Ricky Ruff, who goes by the alias, King Flare, is a spoken word artist, author, and public speaker. For someone who’s one of the most sought-after performers, the 22-year old Chicago native wasn’t always the confident poet you see today. While writing at an early age, Ruff was reluctant to share his poetry to an audience. That changedafter receiving an invitation to perform at a Black History event changed his mind. Since then, he has performed throughout the Midwest and the South, and has performed at the Black Women’s Expo and Chicago’s African Festival, while still enjoying connecting with other artist and poets to help them find their voice. 

Ruff’s poetry varies from social justice to internal issues, to even erotic poetry. Recently, Ruff has taken his poetry to the next level but creating visuals for his poetry, which has already gotten over 5,000 views. 

You can check out his work on Facebook and Instagram (@KingFlarePoetry) and you can check out his video for “Beautiful” now!