7 Ways Female Rappers Can Unite

Female Rapper, they’ve been apart of the crews, they’ve led the crews, they’ve made other women comfortable with their sexuality, they’ve sold albums, won awards, they’ve reached the height of it is popularity (and the lows of it); no matter what, women in hip hop, specifically female rappers have always been a hot button topic. With the rise of indie artist, many female rappers have taken the opportunity to take their careers into their own hands and have gain popularity on their own. While many women have found success in the indie world, many also asked why haven’t certain female rappers gotten the same attention and fame as most mainstream female rappers. More importantly, music fans have also asked, when will female rappers ever unite? Now mind you, this question has been brought up numerous times for numerous years, even back to the days of MC Lyte and Salt-N-Pepa. Solutions and theories have been mention but nothing concrete has been said on the issue, until now. Here are seven ways female rappers can unite.

1. Collaborate

Yes, it won’t hurt you to work with another woman. Hey, it might even be a career boost.

2. Tour together

 Wouldn’t it be dope to see two female rappers share the stage at a sold-out show?

3. Promote each other's project
Nothing wrong with promoting others if you know you’re talented right?

4. Give each other shout outs
If you feeling someone let them know, that’s how some of the biggest hip-hop collaborations have come to be.

5. Leave the egos outside
Ladies, there’s enough room for all of you at the table.

6. Don't feud over pettiness and gossip
Unless you’ve heard it for yourself, leave that shit for the birds.

7. Stop dissing current female rappers to gain notoriety

Ladies, if you are talent and your rhymes on tight, your presence will speak for it. Dissing the most popular female rapper will only make you look like a hater, it will not get you plays on SoundCloud.

Also, to all my Hip Hop fans, I will say this again, support female rappers. I can’t tell you how tired I am of people complaining about Nicki Minaj and discrediting her talent, yet don’t support other female rappers.

That is all.