7 Reasons Why You Might Be Single

I’ve always thought of Valentine’s Day as more than celebrating couples and romantic evenings. It’s about celebrating the love for your friends, family, and most of all yourself. While it is easy to type on social media, in a blog post, or in a text, it is much harder to accept in real life and within your soul. Valentine's Day can be filled with love and laughter, but for some, it can be a hard time during the last days of the winter season. For others, it can be annoying and frustrating. So many people look at others celebrating and in love, while they are single, alone, and a little jaded (let's be honest). On this day, and around this time of the year, many people question themselves; they ask "what am I doing wrong?", "Is there something I need to change?", and the most common question..."why am I still single?!". 

There comes a time when we must take a deep, hard look at ourselves and own up to why we are alone on Valentine's Day...Fourth of July...New Year's Eve...and every day in between. Sometimes, we have to be honest with yourself, your expectations, and your views on dating. People are quick to rationalize their dating habits, but that's only because they're afraid to face the harsh truths about their dating life. In some cases, we are single because we block our own blessings in numerous ways. On that note, here are the seven reasons why you might be single. 

1. You're too picky.

It's good to have standards...but there's a limit to this. Being picky can prevent your future husband/wife to be in your life. Don't be petty with your future. 

2. You're petty.

No one likes someone who's consistently petty and childish. At some point, being petty is just you being miserable. Fix that before you enter a relationship.

3. You're too materialistic.

We all want nice things, nothing wrong with that. I'll admit I splurge on a few clothes from Topshop and a few shoes from Footlocker from time to time, but the problem lies when you make materialism the foundation your relationship. Ask yourself, "will Louboutins and Ralph Lauren sweaters keep your warm and fulfill your happiness at night?". 

4. You're aggressive.

Persistence is great...but damn you don't need to approach everyone like a vulture. Be consistent, but don't be too thirsty. 

5. You spend too much time on social media.

I'm all for finding new and innovative ways to connect with people, but I also believe that social media should be just an extension of your social habits. You're not going to find your future partner on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and you're definitely not going to find them on those sleazy dating apps. It's 2018, we can do better. 

6. Your dating standards are unrealistic.

Be honest, does the person you wish to be with truly exist? 

7. Your dating habits are horrible. 

I've seen his first hand; people complain about why they get the same results when it comes to dating, but they fall for the same type of person. How are you expecting different results, dealing with the same people? 

Now, we know these aren't the only reasons why a person is single, but tell us...what are your reasons for being single? Don't be shy.