15 Signs of a Pick-Me

In a time when we're celebrating #BlackGirlMagic and cancelling internet trolls with their discouraging remarks and insults about women, there are still some women who look for a man's approve, will agree with anything a man says (no matter how problematic it is), and still believes that the man is always right. These aren't just women in older generations, these are women who are in my generation and generations younger than me. We have a special term for these type of women. 

We often call this woman, a "Pick-Me".

A Pick-Me is a person who begs for the attention, acceptance, and approval of a certain group in different things they say. In most case, it's to attain the attention, acceptance, and approval of the opposite sex. These are the type of women that will have the audacity to agree with misogynistic ideologies in order to get a boyfriend or husband. They’re all over the internet and try to hide, but if you say close attention, you can spot them easily. Here are the 15 signs of a Pick-Me.

They’re often homophobic.

They will justify abuse, rape, or any act of emotional stress and violence with such lines as “women lie”, “she shouldn’t have done this…”, or “why was she doing this in the first place?”.

1. They’re quick to victim blame.

2. They will defend their celebrity male crushes because “he’s cute”.

3. They are quick to criticize and question women, but not the problematic men.

4. They will go toe-to-toe with a woman who’s trying to educate them on a subject but will stay quiet when a man disrespects them.

5. They want proof of anything a woman says, yet somehow won’t question a man’s logic and ideology.

6. They believe women have “female privilege”.

7. They love throwing around respectability politics.

8. They love to slut shame other women, but somehow are quiet about the man with 5 different baby mamas.

9. They belittle women who wear sexy outfits, go out at night, and wear makeup as if it makes them more attractive to men.

10. They will quote the bible and talk about how they’re a “woman of God”…yet still spend Valentine’s Day….or any day... alone.

11. They take relationship advice from misogynistic men. 

12. If they are in a relationship, they often enable the men in their lives. 

13. They get oddly excited when a man agrees with their horrible views of the world and views on gender issues. 

14. They’re submissive.

15. They still believe in being “marriage material”.

Do you fit any of these descriptions? Anyone you know fit these descriptions? Comment below!