I Laughed at the #HurtBae Video for These 8 Reasons

I laughed at the #HurtBae video...and I have no shame. 

So by now, everyone's seen the video of #HurtBae. In this video, presented by The Scene, Kourtney Jorge and her ex-boyfriend, Leonard Long III, confront each other about Long’s infidelity. 

Just like you, I was interested in how this went down.

As many people on social media took to their personal pages and comment section, they expressed their outrage and support for Jorge.

I, on the other hand, laughed my ass off. 

Yup, no shame in my game. Here are the reasons why.

1. This looks staged

I don’t know what kind of super human beings they are, but I don’t know anyone who would be able to go on the internet and talk about how and why their relationship ended…especially if the other person was a dog (even though there are reports saying this video is 100% real). Also, please take note that Jorge is an aspiring model and actress. 

2. She clearly didn’t see the red flags

This girl went through his phone, saw all the calls and text from other women and she still stayed with him. How sway

3. Leonard is really, REALLY lucky he got a submissive type. 

In the video, the former couple recalls a time when Jorge caught Long in a room with another woman and he told Jorge to leave…and she did. You mean to tell me, you told a black woman to leave the room, after she caught you cheating…and she did?? And you’re alive to tell this story…? How did you survive?

4. Leonard’s facial expression was so dry.

Leonard really looked bored as hell in the video. So emotionless, so tired, he’s clearly over it.

5. And she continued to cry over him

Girl, why you wasting tears on him?

6. This n*gga really tried to victim blame.

N*gga how??! What?!

7. They still want to be friends

Girl, this n*gga clearly didn’t care about your emotions or your mental health. You took a break in the middle of the taping because of your emotional distraught and he didn’t console you one time. How could you be friends with someone like that?

8. People are writing thought pieces on this video

If the video wasn’t funny enough, these thought pieces written are even funnier. From a writer who wrote an article on Blavity asking if monogamy is outdated, to Affinity magazine claiming this video is everything this generation shouldn’t be…I don’t know who should I give the confused face to first. Monogamy is not outdated, some of you are just f**king with the wrong people (excuse my language). And please, don’t come up in here acting like our generation is so horrible at dating like our grandparent’s generation didn’t have whole separate families…as this twitter user put it.

Oh and don’t get me started on the people who became overnight relationship experts after watching the video.

Cause I’m not the one to throw shade, but some of you are in the same position as Kourtney, you just don’t know it yet. 

So if you want to relive the laughter, here’s the video below.