The Baelist: Top Songs for Your Valentine's Day Celebration

It's Valentine's Day. As much as you don't want to admit it, there's a list of songs that you're going to play in the comfort of your car or your home in honor of this day. Some of them are classics, some are songs your are embarrassed to admit you love, but don't worry, here at Made In Stone we won't judge you. Whether you're single and got a celebrity crush or got bae and want to flaunt in social media like most millennials, there's a song for your situation. Now take a listen to The Baelist, a collection of songs dedicated to this Valentine's Day.

For the Hopeless Romantic

Meghan Trainor-Hopeless Romantic

For the playas

Bruno Mars-Calling All My Lovelies 

For the thug love

DeJ Loaf-Me U & Hennessy 

Tupac-Rather Be Ya Nigga

For the thugs with feelings

Bryson Tiller-Exchange

For the one you got your eye on

TLC-Diggin on you 

For the one that will always have your heart

Mariah Carey-Always Be My Baby

For those who are confident in your sex life

Rihanna-Sex With Me

For that one dance partner you love

Keke Palmer-Hands Free

Drake-One Dance

Beenie Man-Girl Diem Sugar

Those who want to look back on their love

Michael Jackson-Remember the Time

Adele-When We Were Young

Those who are waiting to get the courage to talk to their crush

Brandy-Sittin' Up In My Room

The one you can't live without

Janet Jackson-Come Back To Me

For a quiet intimate evening

Ariana Grande-Moonlight

For those who gunna love who they love and no one can stop them

Jon B-They Don't Know

For the side pieces


D.R.A.M- WiFi

For that 90s wedding you still secretly want

Boyz II Men-I'll Make Love To You 


And for the culture