15 People Who Are Not Invited to the Cookout

It's Memorial Day. It's the start of summer. The weather is getting warmer and everyone will be outside. Once the summer hits, it is a tradition for African Americans to host a cookout for everything; Memorial Day, 4th of July, Graduation parties, Father's Day, summer birthdays, Labor Day, Day Parties...hell some people have a cookout just to have a cookout. Now this time is a great time for people to socialize and reunite. Unfortunately, we all have that certain someone who we are not looking forward to seeing. Usually, I would say ignore them, but if you're hosting a cooking out, or being invited to a cookout, you might want to leave these people behind and just go by yourself. Here are the 15 people who are not invited to the cookout. 

1. Your Side Piece
Don’t give your family false hope, especially when they’ve been waiting for you to tie the knot.

2. Your Baby Momma/Daddy
If they don’t know how to act, big mama will teach them how…and you don’t want that to happen.

3. Your Lazy Spouse
They didn’t cook, offer to help, clean or anything. Why are you here?

4. Your Trap Girlfriend/Boyfriend
It’s going to be pretty awkward when your Auntie ask, “what do you do for a living?”.

5. Your Boyfriend Who Can't Speak to Anyone
You gunna walk in someone’s house and not speak?

6. Your Girlfriend Who Always Got Something to Say
Did we ask for your opinion b*tch?

7. Your Instagram-Model Girlfriend
Listen, we know Instagram is your only way of living, but not everything needs to be on your Instagram story.

8. Your Party Promoting Boyfriend
Nobody wants to go to some ratchet club after the cookout.

9. That Friend Who Always Tries To Get You Into Those Pyramid Schemes
I got a job man…a legitimate job.

10. The Bougie Friends/Relatives
This ain’t a high society function, this is a cookout. This is no time to check for cleanliness. To quote a famous Chicago Juke song…if you ain’t jukin’ get yo ass off the floor joe. 

11. The Ratchet Friends
You know they don’t know how to act in public, save your mother the embarrassment.

12. The Hotep
My fellow African brotha/sista, not everything is a political statement. Not every time is the time to try to question how “woke” someone is, especially when you’ve done the bare minimum for the black community. 

13. The Uncle Who Always Trying to Help You Get Your Life Together
After this n*gga been divorced how many times…and after how many friends and jobs he’s lost, nobody trying to hear what he has to say.

14. The Coon
Don’t bring yo “I don’t see color ass” to the cookout, and tell your entitled white partner we don’t want to see them either.

15. Just don't bring any negative people
Seriously, it’s holiday season, everyone wants to enjoy and relax. Save the drama for yo momma.