The Section 8 Mentality: A Sure Way to Failure

If after reading this you find yourself offended--- I've done my job.

It amazes me how in all aspects of life we always come across that person. You know which person I'm talking about; the one who always wants the easy way out, never take any ownership, blaming their problems on everyone else but themselves, always complaining but never does anything to change their scenario. This person has no work ethic but always wants to criticize what other people are doing. Somehow they're always the victim (yet they blatantly start drama), or they're the ones who had their "feelings" hurt. That "one person" just may just be you.I'm talking about the people with the "give me" attitudes, the Section 8 mentality.

The Section 8 Mentality is when a person who expects a free voucher for everything they seek to own or accomplish in life. They are comfortable with being put on a waitlist as long as whatever they desire in life comes free. They have this idea that the world owes you something and they're always the victim. In turn, it's hard for you to acknowledge your wrongs and come to terms with whatever is going on in your life. It's the person who expects a free voucher for everything they seek to own or accomplish in life.  Whether it's personal or professional, dealing with an individual who has a Section 8 Mentality is draining and quite frankly annoying.

This issue isn't just a millennial problem, it's a problem that expands from generation to generation, only because this type of behavior is taught, not just picked up randomly. Unfortunately, this mentality is the reason why a lot of people around you are unsuccessful. Not to get too personal, but maybe this is the reason why you're unsuccessful.

Like DNA, this mentality is transferred from generation to generation. For instance, Sally doesn't feel the need to take ownership of anything because she's seen her mother do just fine without. She's seen her mother get everything handed to her. She's witnessed her mother hop from job to job, defaulted car note to defaulted car note, and all-bills-paid apartment to all-bills-paid apartment.

Now don't get me wrong, there are some circumstances people can't change; some people aren't able to learn and receive the same opportunities. There are some situations where some people need more time and resources to heal than others. No one is perfect and everyone's journey isn't going to be the same, seeing as everyone's background vastly different, but using your struggles as a way to guilt others into giving you what you want is where we draw the line in 2017. Your obstacles are not an excuse for your bitchy attitudes, lack of ambition, and horrid, entitled personalities.

At some point, you must take ownership of your life and future success. You must shift the blame from others to yourself for your current complacency-- and simply hold yourself accountable for change. In order to grow and succeed, you have to be able to analyze those around you, and yourself. How can you grow and conquer if you can't look at your own strengths and weaknesses? In an era where we speak so much about self-care and self-evaluation, it's astonishing that people, still, can't own up to their livelihood and their actions.

This is not a means to degrade anyone, but a way for others to take a deep look into themselves and reflect. All of us have been through something traumatic and has caused a change in us. Instead of belittling others and becoming lazy, some of us have used our obstacles strengthen us, and so should you. If you're always the victim, always in need of something, always pointing the finger at everyone else, guess what? You're always going to be in drama, you're always going to be uncertain about life, and you're always going be at the level you are now, financially, professionally, personally, and spiritually.

(This was a collaborative article written by Gabrielle Stinnett and Kelsey Stone)