Made In Stone: One Year Later

Damn, I can't believe it's really been a year since I started this blog lol. A crazy idea of mine turned into a well-received platform that I still get compliments on to this day. L

I remember it like it was yesterday. For months I've been researching websites to host my blog, thinking of a clever name and tags line for it, reaching out to writers, while still trying to expand myself as a writer. I was at a point in my life where I wanted to stop depending on others for an outlet and give others an outlet as well. I wanted something to call my own and something I can expand. Ironically, the journey to creating my blog would fall into place once I confirmed the name of my blog. One day, I was thinking to myself, “well, I’m creating this blog, I’m putting this together, this blog is designed and made in my image…”, Then it hit me, it’s made…Made In Stone. I let the name ponder in my mind for about an hour or two, and the name just felt right to me. I decided Made In Stone was going to be the name, and everything fell into place, as far as what I want the message to be and what my blog will be about. 

After that moment, I still needed to find a website to host my blog and I decided to go with Square Space, it cost a little more but I could do a lot more and the designs they offered were up to my standards (yeah I’m picky when it comes to projects). I started with a free trial and I asked a few of my friends who were interested in my blog if they could write something up about the topics they were interested in. I started getting submissions a few days later (some of my friends even sent multiple articles). One night I was finishing putting together the website, and I was being too picky. I had to walk away from my laptop. After walking back and forth, I decided to just start paying the monthly fee, post these articles, and not care if everyone will like it. I know I am a world-class writer, as my friend Neffer, but was I ready to launch my own platform? My spirit told me yes…yes, I was. I gave notice on my social media pages that I was launching my blog and less than a week later, I did just that. Stayed up until midnight editing articles and had four articles ready to be published. 

On April 18th, I launched my blog. The first article was about my friend, Jessica, and her experience as a filmmaker. I didn’t look back, nor did I question myself, and I’m glad I didn’t. Her article got rave reviews and good feedback. The more articles I posted, the more views I got, and the more readers I gained. As time went on, I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. I had a platform and a voice that couldn’t be censored. I was getting compliments left and right, from everyone telling me how proud they were of me to everyone telling me how much they love the blog and how clever it is. 

Of course, I'm proud that my blog has able to be a platform for my friends and for others who I met along the way. I was able to reach people, give others who I’ve never met in person a spotlight, and allows those who are silenced to speak up for themselves. On the other hand, like any blog, I had to deal with some haters, confront some employees who did some shady shit behind my back, watch as an article about a musical artist caused an uproar on social media, and deal with a bit of controversy stemming from an article about an interview I conducted with someone from the LGBT community. Through it all, I’m still here…a year later.

There have been times I thought about giving up and shutting down the blog, but I realize, I have too much talent to go silent. I'm too outspoken and bold to quit over something minor. This blog wasn't just about me having a website and a platform to talk about the topics I like to talk about; this blog was the beginning of so much for me. I've felt silent and shut out for so many years, and starting this blog was a way for me to say, "Hey! I'm doing what I love and I'm not going to stop because of other people." If I can start this, I can start anything. The passion I had starting this blog is something I'm going to carry for the rest of my life. So in honor of the 1 year anniversary of Made In Stone, I want to thank all of you for sharing the articles, laughing, crying, and turning up with me. There is more to come with this blog. Just wait for it.