It's New Year's Day, Now What?

Happy New Year! It's officially the start of a new year. Days or weeks prior to the new year, you probably set some goals for yourself while simultaneously planning your turn up New Year's Eve night (myself included). Last night you were probably dressed for the gods, ladies you probably had your face beat for the gods, you got a lot of Instagram likes, and you got excited with your friends when the clocked struck 12. 

Now, what? 

Yes, you went to an after party, probably ate some food, went to a friend's house, but now what?  

I believe the first day of the year is a fresh start for anyone. The first day of a new year, in my opinion, is one of the most important days in our lives. What we decide to do on this day sets us up for how the rest of our year will be. What we put into the world is what we put out; with that being said, I believe in order to have a successful year, you need to hit the ground running. 

Today, I encourage you to take the necessary steps in reaching your goals. I'm not saying you need to execute each step exactly, but put in the effort. Do some research on how to reach those goals is a great way to begin. It might not seem like you're taking a giant step, but you are. Doing something as simple as searching google, looking at YouTube videos, or reading a book on something related to your goals, already shows your ambition and your willingness to make improvements in order to reach your goals. 

Once you find out what you need to do, map out a realistic plan in order to reach your goals. What works for someone else, might not work for you, and that's fine. A big part of being on the path to improving yourself is knowing your strengths and weakness. Some obstacles you can't change, and some things can only change over time. No matter what kind of circumstances you have, you have the ability to create the life you want. 

While you're working on your goals, there's one thing you must remember; never compare yourself to others. One of the easiest ways to start getting distracted and losing focus of your goal is to compare yourself and your road to success with someone else. Their road to success is different from everyone else's; if you don't have the same upbringing and started from the bottom, it's only going to make your success more valuable, relatable, and cherished by many. 

If you start working on your goals today, you'll see so much change within a year. Think of this year as a new journal, each day is a different page and a different opportunity to be great. Everyone has New Year's resolutions, but not everyone can manifest them and bring them to life. So are you going to write down goals, or bring those goals to life?