Perfect: The Word We Shouldn't Be Afraid Of

As young as we can remember, we've been told that no one is flawless, no one is "perfect". Depending on the situation, I believe those are words we need to hear, especially in a society that tries to tell us what is beautiful, intelligence, or what is of quality. 

Over the years, as I've gotten more into the arts and into journalism, I've learned to not be afraid of words. That is the reason why I decided to teach everyone why they shouldn't be afraid of the word "perfect" or the idea of perfection. 

In a self-conscious world, most people shy away from calling something or someone perfect and are more accepting of what's not the norm or what we are comfortable with. We are too concerned with coming off as conceited or self-absorb, when in reality, most people don't mean anything by what they say in a casual conversation and we shouldn't make something deeper than what it is (and that's another topic I'm going to talk about later). Now that we got that cleared up, let's dig a little deeper.

What does the word "perfect" mean?

Perfect - (adjective) having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.

As good as it is possible to be...I want you all to remember that. 

Now, why does that word scare us as a society?

The word "perfect" and the idea of perfection scares us because of the way it is presented. When the idea of perfection is presented to us, it is often presented with images and standards that are often unrealistic and intimidating. It amazes me how one perception of beauty, success, or "perfection" can affect our lives whether it's relationships, jobs, self-esteem, even something as simple as social media. 

But why does it affect us so much? 

The idea of perfection can lead to always feeling less than, never being able to appreciate and celebrate your accomplishments, sometimes it even leads to suicide. The idea of perfection has caused people to constantly compare themselves to others. It affects us because we only see the perception of perfection and that must change.

You're wondering what do we do now right?

It's pretty easy.

We need to start redefining and using the word in a different manner. Remember the definitions of the word perfect? It was to have all the required or desirable elements qualities, or characteristics; to be as good as it is possible to be. In a society that’s so diverse, it is hard to say what is desirable or required to everyone. In a diverse society, you’re going to have different expectations and different views. With that being said, we need to start appreciating what is “perfect” to us, instead of what society tells us is perfect. If one mindset isn’t the same as the other, then everyone’s views on what’s perfect are going to be different. If our perception of beauty or success is as good as it is possible to be and fits our required characteristics, wouldn’t it be perfect? 

For years, I’ve sometimes shy away from certain activities and opportunities to speak my mind, in fear of coming off as conceited or showing off. Over the years, I’ve learned that conceited is a word insecure people use to throw daggers at people with confidence. 

Confidence, something we all need to build within ourselves. So, I’ll start; I’m perfect, and you’re perfect…just the way you are.