What is a Good Friend?

In an anti-social world where people brag about "not fucking with anyone", I still believe in friendships. Yes, I do; and it's hard not to since I have a long list of friends...ACTUAL friends...friends who I can call anytime and kick with whenever. I am thankful for that because I know a lot of people don't get the chance to make as many friends as I have. I also know that some people are blinded and don't see that their "friends" aren't really friends. It's unfortunate (and sometimes confusing) that in a world with so many #SquadGoals, most people can't tell the real from the fake, or the petty from the precious. I’m starting to see that we, as a society, don’t value friendship, nor do we know exactly what it means


What is a good friend?


Well, let me start out by saying this, if you have any doubts or unsettling feelings towards the people you hang out with, there are probably not your friends. If you don’t feel love or support from anything they’ve said or done to you, they’re probably not your friends. Also, be careful of anyone who throws you under the bus so quickly and say shady comments on the low, those type of people definitely aren’t your friends.


Now back to the original question at hand. What is a good friend? A good friend is someone who you can always have a good time with. Whether it’s a festival or just sitting on the couch eating pizza, a good friend is someone who can enjoy your company no matter the circumstances. Looking into my own friendships, some of the best memories with my friends have been the most affordable ones or the simplest ones. The car rides, the free events, the beach outings, the cookouts, I can go on about the things my friends and I have done that didn’t cost much, but the time we spent meant the most.


A good friend is someone who will never judge you for who you are. The love they have for you will be unconditional. The friends in your life are there for a reason. Anyone who can look past your living situation, appearance, financial situation, etc, is worth being in your life and is going to be a good friend to you. You need friends who will bring out the best in you; bring out the person you truly are or want to be. I’m a firm believer in the mantra, “your vibe attracts your tribe”; your life’s passion will lead you to certain places, and what you bring to the table spiritually, will attract bring the right people to you. Being an entrepreneur, a writer, a musician, and a dancer, I get to meet a variety of people from so many backgrounds and making those friendships were beneficial to me because I got to learn more and expand my horizons.


The most important thing in a good friend is a quality that is simply yet hard to maintain; honesty. No matter what goes on or what a person has, your friends have a good sense of honesty and integrity with you. Now don’t mistake that for being evil and bitchy, but don’t lie to your friends. A part of being a good friend is helping your friend grow. A good friend wouldn’t tell you that you suck at something, instead, they would find ways you can improve on something (if you’re serious about it). When you’re in the wrong, a good friend wouldn’t entertain it, and a good friend would tell you how and why you’re in the wrong. A good friend is never a “yes man”; in order to rise above you must have the right people to take you to those higher dimensions. You can’t stay afloat with people who bring you to new lows.


In honor of National Best Friend Day, I suggest we all take this time to take a deeper look into our circle of friends; some people will stay, some people need to communicate more, and some people you would just have to let go. That’s a part of life and it’s nothing wrong with it.


On that note, let me send these Happy National Best Friend to all 100 of my friends LOL…no seriously I got like 100 to send out.