The Blessing of Being Blocked on Social Media

Social Media, in a perfect world, can be a wonderful place to exchange information and ideas, find people with like-minded interest, and be able to just connect with friends and family. Sounds easy right?

          Unfortunately, no one is flawless; therefore, we do not live in a perfect world. While there is good in social media, it is quickly overshadowed by negativity and drama. Social media has given others the platform to cause drama, to end friendships, and spread the most hateful messages to a group of people or to someone personally. We live in a world that takes almost everything at face value. We do not take the time to openly discuss our disagreements and we have not learned the concept of imply “respecting someone’s opinion”.

            In today’s world of social media, many users flaunt the fact they are blocking people from their social media accounts. If you are being bullied or discriminated against than by all means block that person, but I’m seeing others block someone for a different reason. I am noticing a trend of social media user blocking people for generic, superficial reasons. The reasoning behind blocking someone on social media today is pure pettiness, an opposing opinion about something as simple as musical taste, genuinely asking about someone’s stance on an issue, or out of immaturity. I, myself, has been blocked my people and groups on social media after being involved with a verbal altercation they caused, questioning certain leaders, or simply not liking the same artist. Like most people, I was confused as to why I was blocked, and I would be even more confused when I was blocked for no reason (yes I have blocked from groups and people who I’ve never spoken to before or even met in person). When I was younger, I used to get mad, especially when someone would block me in the middle of an argument. As I got older, I realized, being blocked is refreshing, eye opening, and a learning experience that has to be shared.

            Being blocked from a group or a person says more about that group or person than it does about you. When you’re blocked from a group or a person because you question a political stance on something, it speaks to how mentally dangerous the group or the person truly is. By blocking someone who questioned someone political/social stance, it doesn’t show leadership or eliminating drama as most people believe. In fact, that is a direct reflection of fascism. In a time where we are witnessing the movements for people of color and other minority groups, I believe that we must be careful about who we dismiss from our social media presence. If someone is bringing value to a conversation, why turn that person away? If someone decides to turn you away because of difference in social and political views then is that person really for the cause or are they using a movement to stroke their own ego?

            Now being blocked for something petty is just as bad as being blocked for a political stance. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been blocked on groups and people on social; most of whom I’ve never met in person. The reasons why I’ve been blocked are childish, to say the least, and I know I’m not the only who’s experienced it. People get blocked everyday for drama they didn’t cause, for not liking a certain celebrity, or no actual reason at all. If this sounds like something you’ve dealt with, be glad you dealt with it. People who block others on social media over something as shallow as an opinion over a celebrity and petty drama are often have no concept of expressing an idea. Those people often lack the skills of having a civil conversation or simple problem solving. If they act insecure on social media, most likely they’re insecure in real life. Honestly, who gets upset over someone else’s opinion over a celebrity, someone who probably doesn’t know you? Why go out of your way to argue with someone online?

            I’m not here to say what you can and cannot do with your spare time, but I would suggest some of you find a volunteer group or use some time to reassess your approach in life. If you can’t handle someone’s opinion or a simple question then maybe you shouldn’t be on social media. The fact that some people can’t handle other people’s opinions without getting aggressive shows that we need to work on communication in this generation. In a perfect world, maturity requirements would be set on social media, but unfortunately that’s not up to me. All you can do is let go and let god. On the note of letting go, I also suggest that we let go of any issues we have with any people or groups that have blocked us. In due time, their insecurities and lack of communication will show in the light.