13 Things You Need to Leave in 2016.

2016 is coming to an end...FINALLY.

For most people, this year was probably one of the worse years they've been through. Whether it was career conflicts or issues in your personal life, everyone had an obstacle to go through. To top it off we had to deal with shocking celebrity deaths including Prince, Muhammad Ali, and George Michael, and we have to come to terms with the fact that a racist, misogynistic, homophobic human being is about to be the president of the United States...and don't get me started on his wife. 

Fortunately, we have an opportunity to make something better of ourselves and the new year. One way to better ourselves is to let go of toxic places and people. Some people don't deserve to be in your life, no matter how long they've known you or how much they have to offer, and that's perfectly fine. Here are 13 things you need to leave in 2016.

1. Keyboard Gangstas

Nobody has time for those people who act like Rihanna in their tweets, but are Molly Ringwald in the streets. Most Keyboard Gangstas only act tough behind a screen because they know they can't have a civil conversation and they can't amount to anything. So they use social media to act bad, get attention, and maybe get a few followers.

2. The Facebook Drama Starters

Every post, every picture, every comment, they somehow get upset about it and make it bigger than what it is. Girl bye.

3. The "Talk Down" Types

You know that person who always tries to talk to you? Yeah that person probably doesn't have the success you have so leave them at the level they're at...a lessor

4. The "Bitchy-Victims"

Now I've encountered these types of people personally, through previous years and in 2016. It's time to let go of people consistently start drama but always want to play the victim. They're the ones who always have a snide remark to make but as soon as you clap back, they want to make statuses about you, block you, get in their feelings, tell everyone how hurt they are, and everything in between. Nobody got time for that. 

5. Fan Base Wars

If you're 18 and over and still arguing over people who don't like the same celebrities you like, I need you to have several seats. Do you know how ridiculous you look arguing over someone who doesn't know you? 

6. The Shade Throwers and the Back-Handed Commentators

Every moment and every piece of information you hear do not require shade. It also doesn't require a back-handed comment or compliment. If a person can't comment on something or congratulate someone without an underhanded tone, they're bitter, jealous, and pressed. Move on.

7. The "Messy" People

It's all fun and games with them until something pops off and the situation goes south. They like to initiate the drama but when things get heated, they want to cover for themselves, play dumb, and don't want to acknowledge the real issue. They're usually not sorry for what they did, they're just sorry they got caught. 

8. The Places Where Your Talents Aren't Valued

We all have a talent, and we all want to put it to good use. If it's your job or even if it's with your friends, you don't need to be around people who put you in minimum positions, doing minimum work. 

9. The Non-Speaking Muthaf****s

Don't be around people who can't even speak to you. They only speak when they need something, or when you all do speak, they give half-ass attention to the conversation. You don't need that type of negativity in your life. 

10. The Dream-Doubters

You don't need to be around people who don't believe in you and always speak negatively about your goals and dreams. If they're not helping, they're hating. Plain and simple. 

11. Praising of Side Chicks/Side Niggas

You still praising someone who's not receiving a full commitment of another person? 

12. Determining Whether or Not Who's "Woke"

Because to be honest a lot of you aren't "woke".

13. Unpaid Internships and "Volunteer Opportunities"

Nobody working for free, we all got bills to pay.