An Open Letter to Nerds, Geeks, and Freak, from an Unfriendly Black Hottie

To The Nerds Geeks and Freaks,

Ok, so I was not unfriendly, but I am black, and in school, I was a hottie (and still am *snaps*). I was the one who sat with the "cool" kids and got invited to parties every weekend. I never worried about sitting at the lunch table alone or wonder if I had someone to text or call. Our school experiences, whether it be elementary, high school, or college, were different, but that hasn't stopped me from writing this letter of encouragement.

I would like to first say that you guys are awesome! You tap into job fields and interest that most are afraid to tap into or don't consider normal, and that shows your courage and the innovative mindset you have. You are going to go far and, believe it or not, there’s a chance you will be just as, if not, more popular than you were before. 

Second, I want to write this letter to help you heal. Based off experiences I’ve had on social media and in person, I believe there are a few things I need to get off my chest and speak from the heart. 

Life isn’t easy. There are moments that we all wish we could relive and do over again. The reality is, we can’t do that. In life, we must move forward; whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional, we have to gather ourselves, resolve our issues, and leave whatever we dealt with in the dark and in the past. 

From my discussions with friends, classmates, and casual encounters, I’ve notice people use their previous school experiences as a way to categorize a group of people, lash out at others or bully people who remind them of their past. I am here to say, that is no longer necessary. No matter how much you loathe or envy the bigger, more popular kids you went to school with, it’s time to move on. The fact is they were popular, they probably said some hurtful things, but you graduated and most likely you’ll never see them again. There is, however, a positive!

You might not have been popular and cool in school, but the good news is the popular kids have had their peak, you haven’t. This means you have a much longer and bigger opportunity to grow, slay, and reach your peak. The cool and popular have already had their moment, so now it is your time to shine, why waste on dogging other people who aren’t beneficial to you?

As someone who hung out with the “cool” kids let me tell you, you’re not missing much. Most of them were just well-off kids dealing with family issues or not taking the time to deal with their own insecurities. After high school, a lot of them didn’t finish college (if they went at all), had a horrible reputation on campus, didn’t amount to much, and are now probably cracking cards through Facebook. A few us “cool” kids did go on and made ourselves into something, but most of them are just fuckboys and bottle girls at clubs…or looking for rich husbands (and quiet as it's kept, a few of the cool kids have become nerds too). 

But you, the kids who were in the science club, into video games, and wore graphic tees, you are doing something important. You are showing people you can rise above. You going to be the future leaders. Hell, you might be hotter than some of the people who taunted you. 

So let go of the past school events and drama. Be free, be heard, and be strong. Holding on to those feelings doesn’t do you or the people who hurt you any good; and to the people of color who use their nerdy ways to excuse their anti-blackness, I have an article for you later. I would like to say, if any of the cool kids gave you a lifetime hurt and pain, on behalf of them, I apologize. 

Let’s have a toast to the all the great achievements made by us!

Stay Great,

The Popular Kid Who Became the Well-Rounded Young Adult