10 Style Moments at Lollapalooza 2018

Lollapalooza 2018 was four days of energetic performances, celebrity sitings, food, and of course, creativity. While headliners like Bruno Mars, The Weeknd, and Travis Scott amazed the attendees, and those were streaming the festival, the fashion at Lollapalooza took over social media! While some major brands such as American Eagle, Nike, and New Era sponsored and gave away free merchandise to attendees, many local and small designers sold their products and attendees didn't shy away from showing off their lavish outfits. Some of them were as good as the artists who performed! Here are the top 10 style moments from Lollapalooza.

(1). Bruno Mars

(2). G Herbo

(3). Gucci Mane

(4). The Weeknd

(5). Jaden Smith

(6). Socialite Shamel

(7). Tastemaker Kelsey Riley

(8). GoldLink

(9). Olivia Rink

(10). Socialite Milton Lawrence