Embrace the Transition: 3 Reasons to Transition instead of Big Chop

As perms are starting to become a thing of the past, more women (and even men) are starting to go natural. For most women, going natural means taking the big step, and doing the "big chop". For those who don't know, the big chop is when a woman cuts out all the new-growth and perm out of her hair, ending with the result of a short, styled haircut. For some women, it's another haircut, but for others, it can be intimidating and life-changing. Luckily,  there are other alternatives. There are ways to transition into being natural, without it being traumatic. Sometimes not doing the big chop can also be a moment or learning and self-examination. Here are some reasons why transitioning can be more helpful than the "big chop".

Going Natural is a Big Commitment
If you’ve had relaxed hair for years and years, going natural can seem intimidating because full disclosure, it is a big commitment. Transitioning allows you the opportunity to go back, easily, if you decide not to go through with it. As one fellow naturalista explained it to me during my contemplation with transitioning to natural hair “you can always just relax your hair again if you change your mind”. Transitioning allows the girl who wants to see what that natural life about a little wiggle room in case she doesn’t want to completely commit.  

Transitioning Allows You to Learn to Care for Your Natural Hair
One of the biggest benefits I had when transitioning was that it allowed me to slowly but surely learn how to care for my newly natural hair. Yes, at times, it can be frustrating battling between two hair types but when I finally did my mini chop at the end of my transition, I wasn’t overwhelmed by my new texture as I had spent well over a year slowly getting accustomed to it. 

Product Junkie Time
BY FAR the most exciting and fun thing about transitioning was being a full-blown product junkie. YouTube and Instagram tutorials had ya girl buying EVERYTHING! This point ties into point 2 because in being a product junkie you learn what your hair does and does not like. Which again will help you once you go fully natural.  Being a product junkie during transitioning allowed me to be a lazy natural (sticking to what works and keeping it simple) early once I went full natural. Though sometimes that product junkie still pops out. Use this transitioning period to enjoy long walks down your local Target’s natural hair care section. You’ll be a pro soon enough.