Why Fenty Beauty is Such a Game Changer 

    A few weeks ago, Tarte launched their Shape Tape Foundation. An event that many had been waiting on since Shape Tape Concealer is such a cult favorite. However, for anyone darker than a lightly toasted Marshmallow the anticipation was short lived when the shade range was nothing short of abysmal. Now, as a dark skin woman, I have gotten used to this. Truthfully, I don’t expect much when I hear about a new foundation or any complexion products because most of the big names treat women like me as an afterthought so I couldn’t even find the energy to be upset at Tarte. But, I was pleasantly surprised to see that for the first time myself, and my fellow deep-toned sistahs didn’t have to complain and bellyache on our own. For the first time, influencers of all shades called Tarte out for the lack of black and brown representation. It was amazing to see so many who normally accept their PR packages with glee and no sort of critique, *sips tea*, actually call a brand out for ignoring black women.

I began to wonder what caused this change in people’s expectations and finally it hit me-Fenty. 

When Rihanna announced Fenty Beauty more than a year ago, everyone was hype, myself included. Rihanna has been serving face for years. Her MAC collection was one of the most successful and sought out collections the brand has probably ever had. RiRi Woo still remains a cult favorite, a legend. When the launch neared and it was announced that she would be launching a foundation with 40 shades, many in the makeup community were floored. Fenty Beauty created foundations for everyone on the color spectrum. They dotted all the I’s and crossed all the T’s. No longer did deeper complexioned people have to wait for the brand to “expand” the range or wait to order their shade online because the brand couldn’t be bothered to send certain shades to stores. Inclusivity was the name of the game and Fenty Beauty won it. 

    Since the launch of Fenty Beauty, I’ve noticed that people are quicker to call out brands who fail to be as inclusive as Fenty. No longer are people suffering the 12 shade launches with 9 shades of ivory and 3 shades of “well I guess we should include some brown too”. Fenty Beauty made it clear that it’s not a matter of brands not being able to offer more shades, it’s more so that they are refusing to take the time to make them, content with treating black women as if we don’t matter. It’s also important to note that Fenty made sure to include deeper toned black women in their marketing, something that even brands that have long offered shades for dark skin women have failed to do. Black women have spending power, Black women purchase makeup, Black women deserve to be accounted for. Fenty Beauty has helped to prove that point.