Janet Jackson Honored at Billboard Music Awards

Janet Jackson during the opening of her Icon Award performance. (Source: Us Weekly).

Janet Jackson during the opening of her Icon Award performance. (Source: Us Weekly).

For the first time in nine years, Janet Jackson electrified fans with a televised performance. As the first African American woman to receive the Billboard Icon Award, (who recently celebrated her birthday and the 25th anniversary of her janet. album) you know they pulled out all the stops for the youngest Jackson who became the Queen of Pop.

With the award given to Janet by mega star Bruno Mars, the presentation started with a montage and a retrospective of Janet Jackson’s career. From her beginning as a child star on various television shows, including Diff’rent Strokes, to her breakout album, Control, the montage encapsulated Janet’s influence in music, fashion, videos, and sexuality, as well as her being a role model for not only the youth but for generations of artist that have come after her.


Janet started her performance with a lit stage, in a gold-metallic outfits and African jewelry (resembling the “Together Again” video I might add). As she strut to the main stage, Janet perform a medley of “Nasty”, “If”, and “Throb” with a crew of back up dancers, all shapes and sizes. The performance truly felt more of a celebration and a party for the music legend. After the performance, Bruno, who got down on one knee, gave Janet her award. During her speech, Janet gave thanks to her fans, her friends, her family (her mother, Katherine, and sister, Rebbie, were in the audience during her honor). She also used her time to speak on social issues and how women in the entertainment industry and around the world won’t be taking advantage of anymore. Janet insist (in her speech) that the only way we will conquer and take over with an abundance of compassion, respect, positivity with God.

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