Black Twitter Turns #HiddenFences into a Trending Topic

The 2017 Golden Globe awards was a celebration for everyone; women and people of color were awarded, diversity was front and center, and the ability to think outside the box was given to the audience and viewers around the world. 

Unfortunately, some people still lump all people in a certain category. 

In "we all look alike news", NBC "Today" show correspondent Jenna Bush Hager was interviewing celebrities on the red carpet. When she got the opportunity to interview Pharrell, who was nominated for Best Original Score for Hidden FIGURES, Hager did the most Becky thing possible. When interviewing the hip-hop star, Hager said, "So you're nominated for 'Hidden Fences' tonight...". 

Pharrell's face after she made the incorrect statement.

Pharrell's face after she made the incorrect statement.

Yes, she did.

And we were just as confused as Pharrell.

To make matters worse, later that night, while presenting for Best Supporting Actress (who both Octavia Spencer and Viola Davis were nominated for), Michael Keaton also called the film, "Hidden Fences". 

Naturally, black Twitter and anyone with common sense took to Twitter to make fun of the mistake as a way to acknowledge the way Hollywood still has that "you all look the same" mentality when it comes to black actors and black films. Here are the best #HiddenFences tweets.


Photo Jan 08, 11 22 22 PM.jpg

Even a few celebrities joined in on the joke...


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