The Invisible Podcast Radio: No One Goes Unnoticed at this Station

Chicago photographer and documentarian Chelsey Sincerray has been making a name for herself in her home. Not only was she the first photographer featured in Made In Stone, but she's been using her talents to cover major events (actor Christian Keyes reposted a photo of him she took on his Instagram), and giving a voice to those who are in Chicago and elsewhere around the country. Last year, Sincerray released a docuseries entitled, Invisible, focusing on the life of those who work in the arts, including two rappers, a singer who was previously on The Voice, and a filmmaker. Due to the success of the film and the premiere party, the Chicago photographer has turned her film into podcast, giving others more chances to tell the story of their life and their art.

The Invisible Podcast Radio is a podcast that allows listeners to an in-depth view on what’s life really like for an artist. The Podcast premiered last week; Sincerray serves as Executive Director and Producer, while Demi Christi and Timiro Elizabeth serve as the host of the show. The first three shows feature guest who were apart of the Invisible documentary. Eshe, a Chicago female rappers, discusses the struggles of an artist and how to overcome it. Trell Love, another Chicago rapper who was a special guest at the premiere of Invisible last year, spoke on the key of tapping into your creativity. Pablo Murillo, a fashion designer and digital illustrator, appeared on the show to discuss the steps and routines to being successful in the art field. All three guest use personal experience and business experiences to help shape their story and give quality lessons to listeners. 

You can listen to the Invisible Podcast Radio now on soundcloud, as well as check out the official website for Invisible.