‘Confused By Love’ Understands the Minds of Black Film Lovers

The rapper, the baby mama, the player, the drug dealer, the sassy black friend; we’ve seen all of these characters on TV and film when it comes to the representation of African Americans. Not to knock these roles because some of our favorite films and shows involve these characters, but in a generation where we long for movies like Love Jones and The Best Man, it feels refreshing to see a movie that’s relatable. The independent film, Confused By Love, brings that feeling of a soulful movie back to us.

A still shot from  Confused By Love

A still shot from Confused By Love

Currently showing at the Black Harvest Film Festival in Chicago, I got a chance to see the film that has been talked about on social media for quite some time. The film is about a married couple, (played by Keith Mascoll and Jamie M. Perez), who are polar opposites and are having rocky times in their first year of marriage. While about to lose their home, a best friend of one of the characters and his girlfriend move in with them and are dealing with their own drama. Old wounds, raw emotions, and hidden desires all come out between these two couples in this comedy-drama. The film displays the rise and fall of love; a realistic depiction of why relationships last or why they dissolve.

After the viewing of the film, actor Keith Mascoll, director of the film, Crosby Tatum, and assistant producer, Kenny Ollins, all took to the stage for a Q&A session where Tatum admitted that some of the scenarios in the film were based on his personal, including his previous marriage (which he didn’t go into details about so please don’t ask what did he say). During the Q&A session, it was also announced that the film has been shown at numerous film festivals, including a film festival that was recently held in France.

The audience loved the film as much as I did, and I can’t wait to see where this film goes in the future. A film that gives black actors and actresses to portray real life issues that the audience can relate to is always going to be a winner in my opinion. If you would like more information on this film, “like” the Facebook page or check out their website, www.confusedfilm.com.

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