‘This is Not Chiraq’ Stuns the Black Harvest Film Festival

It’s been over eight months since Spike Lee graced us with the film, Chiraq, and the overt backlash that came afterward. Luckily, some creative individuals in Chicago decided to come together and tell the story of Chicago’s violence in a realistic manner. This is Not Chiraq does just that; tells the story of Chicago that is appropriate and represents the people of the city.

Promotional poster for  This is Not Chiraq

Promotional poster for This is Not Chiraq

After making numerous appearances in film festivals, including Sundance, the television series made an appearance at one of my favorite film festivals, the Black Harvest Film Festival. 

This is Not Chiraq, written and produced by William Pierce, is a show about two families and their struggle to stay alive in the city. The De La Garza family has problems with a deal gone bad, a family member who is let out of jail and returning to his gang, and an 18-year-old high school student who wants to join the family gang and is living out their lifestyle even at school. Meanwhile with the Adams family, a teen returns home from Saudi Arabia after his father was killed to his pastor grandfather, a mother who he wants no connections with, an uncle who’s a police officer and wants him to stay on track and stay away from his other uncle, who’s the leader of a gang.

The cast and crew made an appearance last night and told the audience while shooting the show was fun, they did face some difficulties as far as productions and filming in rough neighborhoods. It was also announced that three episodes have already been filmed and there should be more to come.

August 24th was their second showing at the Black Harvest Film Festival. Both showings of This is Not Chiraq at the festival were sold out due to popular demand. 

If you want to know more about This is Not Chiraq check out their Facebook page, Chiraq TV Series, and their website, www.chiraqtheseries.com.

Check out the trailer now!