A Poem For Justice

In a time of police brutality and presidential elections, Made In Stone writer and health guru Elise Cregg wrote a poem in the hopes of inspiring other people to look at the changes needed in the world and the changes we need to make within ourselves. Please read the poem, share your thoughts, and share with your friends...on social media of course!

As I think about the land I live on

With white fencing and black foundation

There seems to be a miscommunication

On how there should be equal distribution.


The opportunity to learn and educate

The right to love and procreate

The sense of freedom and liberty

Whoever or wherever they may be.


The look different in shape and size

To the God or gods we idolize

There comes a time when differences are key

That will be identified in history.


It seems instead of finding the place

To accept and understand the facts

We find the differences less

And patronize those with torture and distress


These actions create boundaries

And walls for the coming generations

only misleading and letting misunderstandings

become the basis in which we run this nation.


Take a took within and around

For all the time we have is now.

Break down those barriers and say thank you

For building you a nation so fruitful.


Say I am sorry for the hurt and ill judgements

For the absence of love and mistreatments.  

You can always start over

You can’t ever go back.

Is that how we want to be remembered,

White vs black?


We have human needs and rights

For all people to receive these we need to fight.

I’ll be hard and exhausting

But this is what we NEED tonight.


I stand with my brothers and sisters

No matter what color, race, or religion.

For we together need to break this white fencing

And share the land equally and count our blessings.


With blessings and love we help find opportunity

Isn’t that what we preach, the land of unity?

Let's use our sense and humility of the heart

To learn from the past and begin with a fresh start.