9 Lessons on Fatherhood From Our Favorite TV Dads

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful fathers and father-figures out there!

And yes, today I am honoring fathers, not single mothers.

From the tough love to the quirky and hilarious moments, fathers are everything; our first teachers, for young girls their first example of what a good man should be, for young boys it’s our first experiences hanging with guys or learning about the “guy code”, and they’re often the first people we go to for the technical stuff (cars, taxes, building things). But like most father/child relationships, we all have our moments where we disagreed heavily with our fathers (myself included, still love you, dad!). Sometimes we turn to movies and TV shows to get a better understanding of where our parents come from. On that note, let's look at some of the top lessons from our TV Dads!


1. James Evans taught us it’s okay to give a little tough love and get in someone’s ass on Good Times

 2. Cliff Huxtable sets the standard for laying the law down with any guy taking a daughter’s hand in marriage in The Cosby Show

3. When Dr Seaver knew a way to his son’s success was through his love of girls in Growing Pains

 4. Uncle Phil! The man who taught us to never test the wrath of a father on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

 But he also showed us the biggest man can have the biggest hearts as well.

5. Carl Winslow held it down when his son was racially profiled in Family Matters


6. And Shawn Hunter reminded us, we only get one father, in the most emotional scene from Boy Meets World

 But on a positive note, Alan Matthews showed us that while our fathers have the best intentions, they make mistakes too.

 7. Floyd Henderson held it own as one of the few, if not, only single black fathers on TV in Smart Guy

 8. When Dre explained a father’s fear amongst millennials in Blackish


9. And you can’t deny the devilishly-good style and leadership of Lucious Lyons on Empire


Honorable mention

Furious Styles from Boyz N Da Hood. Although this is a movie, Furious Styles (played by Laurence Fishbourne) has become the ideal father most people aspire to be, as well as embodies the strength and responsibility every father must have. Furious was a father, a friend, an advisor, and knowledgeable woke brotha lol

Happy Father’s Day Everyone!