13 TV Moments That Showed the Power of Motherhood

Mothers, they are the first women who love you unconditionally and the first ones to give you some tough love. There's a certain strength and power a mother has that no one else has. Whether it's the mother in our lives or the mothers on TV, we have all learned a thing or two from their words of wisdom and the courage in their actions. In honor Mother's Day, lets take a look at some mothers who've graced us with their teachings and awesome sense of style. 

1. The Time Harriett Winslow taught us to never question a mother's work ethic on Family Matter


2. When Florida Evans showed us it's perfectly fine for a mother to let her guard down in this classic scene of Good Times

3. And when Willona reminded us that you can be a good mother to a child without a mother

4. Maya from Girlfriends reminded us that being a mother doesn't having a boring personality

5. And Lisa Landry from Sister, Sister reminded us that sometimes the deepest words come from the most vibrant of people

6. Bow from Black'ish taught us to be appreciative for every gift...even if its just a child from your child...who's trying to get back at their rivaling sibling

7. And Cookie taught us to love your child, unconditionally, on Empire

8. Rochelle from Everybody Hates Chris poke for all mothers who take their child's health seriously

9. But she wasn't afraid to put that foot in their a**

10. Adele represented the mother who could do it all, cook, clean, and hit those notes in A Different World

11. And Marion Gilbert taught us to always demand the best for our children, even at their own wedding while looking fabulous

12. Of course, Claire Huxtable was always there to give us some tough lesson on tough love in he Cosby Show

13. Last and certainly not least

In this classic scene

Aunt Viv hit those 8-counts in order for every mother to feel confident, sexy, and bad ass at any age...a lesson we can learn from this scene