7 Things I Want to See in the ‘Dear White People’ Netflix Series

For my political friends with a quirky sense of humor, I bring you great news.

Dear White People the TV series is coming to Netflix!

The award-winning, satirical film, directed by Justin Simien, will have it’s own show on the streaming site. The 10 episode series will each be 30 minutes long, and Simien will write the first episode. Stephanie Allain Bray and Julia Lebedev who worked on the film will also work the series as well. It is not confirmed whether or not members from the original cast will appear in the series but I’m sure whoever is casted in the series will not let Mr. Simien down.

A premiere date has not been announced, but here are a few things I want to see in the series.

1. The Free Spirited, Lisa Bonet/Freddie Brooks influenced Black Girls

 After all, the lead character of the film was Tessa Thompson’s character, Samantha White. Her ‘fight the power’ attitude was what made the movie.


2. A Variety of Black Women Interacting with Each Other

I can guarantee issues that black women face will be discussed in some episodes. With that being said, let the daishikis and Louboutin heels become one, and showcase black women in a positive, intellectual light.


3. More Interacting with Black Men

While the film did focus on some aspects of life for black men, I would like to see a few more issues and topics be discussed in the series. Same rules apply from number 2, let the afro picks and J. Crew Sweaters become one.


4. A Dialogue about the Black LGBTQ experience

In the film, Lionel Huggins, played by Tyler James Williams, is the focal point of the LGBT issues most QPOC face. I think if the showed touched on young LGBT issues in an appropriate manner, it could have a tremendous impact on viewers.


5. What Black Excellence Really Means

This needs no further discussion, read my article on Black Excellence Vs. Black Elitism 


6. Unity Between Other People of Color

I mean, we are discriminated by the same group of people right?


7. Black Unity

Because #BlackLivesMatter why else?