Vintage Vibes: A Photography Showcasing of Chelsey Sinceŕray

While Chicago is getting known as an up-and-coming art scene, photographers are starting to step their game up and showcasing the city and its people through their lens. Today, I am honoring the past, as I takes you through my vintage inspired photoshoot. 

As we all know, eras of fashion constantly recycle in style as the years go on. From sport jackets and blazers to our everyday shades and sneakers, our own fashion statement has developed into a mash-up of what's been out over 30­-40 (plus) years ago. All in all, that is the beauty of fashion. It will never fade. Even in the current day, designers and consumers who is heavily rooted into fashion continue to reinvent and sport their personal style in different ways that society has either not seen or thought to visually appease their eye.

As an artist and documentary photographer, I chose to pay homage and dedicate my talent to two particular fashion eras in which I believe has a prominent image and representation towards the Black community. The 1950s and 1960s was a politically crucial time of liberation and revolutionary mindsets and action amongst African­Americans; with that in mind, fashion was a self­expressive element that needed no introduction. Whatever worn, African­-Americans during this unique time collectively identified with casual elegance, composure and confidence. The fashion of these eras became legendary and a staple classic, not just amongst the Black community, but in the fashion sphere around the world. It is important to note that Black fashion is not just a unique identity, but a crucial factor that continues to flourish and inspire future generations to deepen the values of Black authenticity and culture even more. My goal was to visually narrate the fashion story of these distinct eras, and as a collective, I truly believed I did so. I would like to genuinely thank all who has been part of this production, both my creative team and models. 

Please take a look at the photos below and get the conversation going. Lets bring art to our discussions, not just for ourselves but for others who need an outlet to express themselves.

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